Lori Greiner Net worth, QVC, Business, Husband, Fashion, Hometown, Contact and Instagram

Date of Birth/Birthday:
Net Worth $ 70 Million
Age: 51 Years old
Married/Spouse Dan Greiner
Height/Tall 5 feet 4 inches
While we are talking and discussing entrepreneurs and television personalities, we cannot miss talking about Lori Greiner. She is a very well known celebrity. Lori was born on 9 December 1969. Lori Greiner age is 47 even though she is in her late 40s she looks very charming and active. She has come along way with her career. Lori Greiner hometown is Chicago, Illinois. During her childhood, she grew up on the north side of Chicago and she is not the only born. She is second child of her parents. Her father is a real estate developer and her mother is a psychologist. When she was at the tender age, her parents got divorced.  She was just a nine years old back then. Digging deeper regarding her education she started communications and gave her focus on journalism and film. She studied at the Loyola University of Chicago and while she was in college, she worked for Chicago Tribune. Another thing about her childhood is that she is highly fascinated with designing jewelry as well. While she was attending college, she used to design and sell her own jewelry as well as was a playwright. As of 2017, Lori Greener net worth is 70 million dollars. Her estimated salary per week ranges around 82,500 dollars. Talking more about her luxury, she has a sizzling Mercedes SLS AMG, a beautiful red one with a price tag of 220,000 dollars having falcon opening and chic interior. She is living with her husband in a condominium which worth is 672,200 dollars.
Lori Greiner QVC
Lori Greiner QVC days are for the initial step of who she is in today’s world. QVC is an American cable that specializes in televised home shopping; who’s headquarters lives in Pennsylvania and was found in 1986. After Lori Greiner business broadening, she joined QVC and in 2000, she created new products and gave herself a show on QVC itself called Clever and Unique Creations, which has been running for 18 years now. She has also been discussed on the topic of Shark Tank. Shark Tank is an American reality television series, which premiered in 2009. The main motive behind this series is to help aspiring entrepreneurs, contestant and give them suggestions and advice for the better productivity and give them chance to present their products in front of the panel of investors. Lori joined shark tank in 2012. After that in 2014, her involvement in Scrub Daddy was a huge success where she sold more than 2 million products through QVC and the best part is she sold them in a single day. Until 2016, scrub daddy held the title of “The Biggest Success Story in Shark Tank History”. Lori has further invested in many other products as well including Squatty Potty, Paintbrush Cover, Drop Stop, Simply Fit Board and many others. From the readings of last September, it has been reported that Simply Fit Board, which is an exercise tool, has been entitled biggest Shark Tank hits, other products like Scrub Daddy and Sleep Styler also follow the list.
Lori Greiner business
Lori has been involved in inspiring females and young woman to involve in business and investment. She has given public speeches and has shared her experiences and her downfalls as well. Lori is someone who is really good with words too, in 2014 she published the book Invent It, Sell It, Bank It! Make Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality which reached number three on a best seller list. Her book is all about her experiences looking on QVC and shark tank. Lori  Greiner engaged in Shark Tank which has won three times Emmy Awards and she is also known as one of the most prolific inventors of our time. She is very popular only known as “the queen of QVC “and “Warm-blooded shark” she has also appeared on Shark Tank spin-off, which was called Beyond the Tank. Furthermore, the show has also received two summer television critics’ association nominations for outstanding achievement in reality programming and won the award in 2013. Shark Tank has also won the critics choice award for best reality series in 2014. From very young age, she was interested in marketing and business. Her passion regarding this field was noticed when she created jewelry organizer, which could store nearly hundred pieces of earrings she even started borrowing money for this. She took a loan off 300,000 dollars and returns them back within 18 months of interval this was an early sign of what was going to happen next in her life. when she appeared first time on cable television within two minutes she sold over 2500 of her earring organizer and then started getting professional at it and increased Lori Greiner business and products. Currently, she is the president and founder of a company, which is called For Your Ease Only Inc. This company was established in 1996 and falls under the sector of product development and marketing. This company focuses on building products, which can be helpful for traveling, décor, accessory holders and household items. Another fact about Lori is that until this date she has invested more than 600 products and is a very actively involved in helping entrepreneurs off this generation. Even though her products are doing phenomenally well it will leave people shook knowing that QVC rejected her in her first attempt, yes read that right. When she took her earring organizer to QVC she was turned down and later she took her product to HSN that is where she experienced her first success in the business sector. Allegedly, It is also said that QVC and HSN are rival companies, Lori got the chance to gather her fame in both the areas. The main reason behind her inventing materials is, she likes to simplify things and search for solutions to make life easier for people. Male as well as female customers like her products and the company does not seem to lose the customers anytime soon.
She believes “if you are lucky enough to be successful, you have a responsibility to give it back “. She has been living her trail in philanthropic sector as well helping people who desire to me it big. She is very much active in reducing financial issues and collaborating with her company, she donates a huge amount to charities every year. She has been donating to charities like Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army and the Howard Brown health center. She has a very good reputation amongst her fans. Lori got the chance to enjoy an upper-middle-class lifestyle when she was a child and considers herself very fortunate for all the luxury that she could afford. She has shared some of her very infuriating phases in the world of business for women and feels there are many things that have to be changed. One incident can be noticed, when she wanted a lawyer, she took her husband along her and when the attorney was to answer he gave the very positive gestures to her husband and acted as if she was not there. She was very upset and demanded another attorney who happened to be a female and has been working with her for many years now and is very good friend of her. Lori‘s name has been known as one of the business gurus of this time and she strongly believes in calling out injustice but being polite at the same time. in her book, she has written: “How you perceive your success will have everything to do with how you perceive yourself, because how you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you too.“  Some of the mantras that Lori has suggested are; firstly, never spend any money unless you absolutely have to. secondly, don’t hire an employee unless you cannot manage it, third, don’t invest before you get your first order, be very precise with your market and demand for the products and lastly never borrow money from your family circle the risk is it was sour the relationship and the bond. She is such a dynamic personality that she can tell instantly if a product is a hero or zero and this can be clearly seen from her skill at changing a small invention and turning it into $1 million reality. Who can imagine that a woman who started the business with an earring ring organizer can make big money out of it? She made over 1 million dollars within the first year of selling the earring and she never stopped. She started playing around with inventing kitchen products and all the handy accessories and products. This person has been featured in O magazine, Forbes, In style, Women’s day and Family circle furthermore, Financial Times, Success, Entrepreneur and has an appearance in Bloomberg, CNN and many more. She has gained some good amount form her small cameo in Sharknado 4.
Lori Greiner husband
One of the best quality that a celebrity can have is to keep their private and personal life separate and this woman is a master in it, Lori Greiner has a family and she likes keeping it private and out of the media. Lori is happily married to Dan Greiner who has been working in her company as CFO for more than 10 years now love you considers him a big part of the success of her company For Your Ease only. More about Lori Greiner husband, he is the former Controller for Bell and Howell. She met the love of her life in a bar in Chicago and the couple took things to another level and soon started dating each other. There have been no rumors regarding divorce or any extramarital affairs from this beautiful couple, we all can hope this couple can make it last.
Lori Greiner fashion
Regarding Lori Greiner fashion statement, she is someone who believes that more emphasis should be given to a person rather than how the person is looking when they are doing a certain work. She usually appears to wear solid colors with simple lines, which do not overpower them; she likes to keep things sophisticated. Lori is someone who has grown up with her jewelry so she can never go wrong with her jewelry; she knows what goes well with her outfit and creates magic.
Lori Greiner Instagram and contact
Having looked at Lori Greiner social media accounts, she is very much active and is positive when it comes to sharing her daily life with her fans and followers. Lori Greiner Instagram account has more than 328,000 followers and she has been following 214 figures. Her Instagram post is mostly related to her work, she shares what she has been busy with and also posts pictures with her fans. To date, she has posted 1235 posts she even likes to respond and have two-way interaction with her followers. Talking about her Twitter account, she has more than 1.7 million followers, which is a very good number and has tweeted 9476 times. Her social media accounts are authentic and I very active at the same time. She has almost 3.5 Million likes and followers on her official Facebook account. Lori Greiner contact information‘s are not very public but you can reach out to her through her website and get answers to your questions. Lori Greiner belongs to a white ethnicity. Even though she is in her late 40s she still looks very fine her beautiful brown eyes and her blonde hair suit her perfectly. She has a very slim body type and dresses very formally. She weighs around 55 kg her height is 1.7 meter. Lori Greiner is well known to be one of the most hard-working female entrepreneurs of the world, due to her dedication and commitment she has open boundaries for female inventors and entrepreneur. The hard work that she has shown is remarkable. She is a beautiful soul inside and out hence, she has been involved in creative arts awards as well. She is a very positive role model for many aspiring people of the generation and she tries her best to do justice with the expectation and responsibilities she has on her shoulder.