Liberte Chan Biography, Age, Net worth, Wardrobe malfunction, Married, Divorce, Ethnicity, Height and Instagram

Net Worth $ 2 Million to $ 3 Million
Height/Tall 5 feet 5 inches
When we are talking about dynamic outgoing female personality in the sector of reporting Liberte Chan cannot be missed in the list. She was born in Los Angeles talking about her family background her mother is Chinese whereas her father is Caucasian. The exact date of her birth has not been revealed yet so there is no any confirmation regarding her age but we can resume that Liberte Chan age is in the late 30s. Liberte Chan Wikipedia site has not been created yet but many sites have written about Liberte Chan biography. She has mixed ethnicity and regardless of Liberte Chan ethnicity while growing up she finely managed to blend both the culture and traditions together. Chan is very close to her mother having mixed ethnicity she said that she felt more connected towards her Asin roots rather than Caucasian. Her mother is an interior designer. She has an Asian-American nationality.  She is not the only born she has two older brothers.
Liberte Chan educational background
Regarding Liberte Chan educational background she went at Marlborough school for girls and then later on she has received a Masters degree in public health from USC’s Keck School of Medicine and has also certified herself in a broadcast journalism from UCLA prior to that she has a bachelors a degree in journalism from University of Massachusetts and if this is not enough furthermore she has also received a certificate in meteorology from Mississippi State University which she earned in August 2015. She spent her last semester in Paris. Since childhood Liberte Chan has been very driven and has been an extrovert, she likes to meet and greet new people and visit places she has never been. She advocates against racism and tries hard to be positive role model for coming generation. Her attitude of not giving up and working until she is satisfied with her attainment is what people admire about this figure. As she is a master at keeping things to herself rather than getting publicity her fans have a hard time knowing details regarding her personal life but we all can wish she would have great years ahead and let her fans know more regarding her birth date, her age and even her relationship status. 
Liberte Chan net worth
Liberte Chan is a very renowned figure in the sector of reporting and it is obvious that she is getting paid really well. her exact net worth and salary has not been revealed in public but allegedly some sites have reported that Liberte Chan net worth has to be between $2 million to  $3 million. Recently, she moved into her new condominium, which was designed by her own mother keeping in mind what her daughter’s personality is and to reflect her true self in her space. She has her own website which is called Life Of Liberte, this is the platform where Chan shares her beauty secrets, her fitness mantras, the fashion that she follows with the season, travel destination and health. Lots of her personal experiences and how she follows things in life can be seen from her website. If you want to know her more closely and observe how she carries herself on regular basis you can refer the site. There are updates on her traveling new place and exploring new beauty products, she gives reviews and also recommends people to use certain products.
Liberte Chan married
Liberte Chan is a divorcee her then-husband is the American actor Brian Chase. This beautiful couple exchanged rings and took vows in 2012 at Greystone mansion garden. Lots of speculation came in 2017 when people noticed the missing ring on Chan’s finger people started talking there might be trouble in paradise for the couple. Liberte Chan married life did not last long as the rumor was proven to be true after she divorced her husband.
Liberte Chan divorce
The date behind Liberte Chan divorce has not been out yet. The reason behind this couple separating has not been confirmed as well. Allegedly, some sites believe that once Chan found that her husband was missing the wedding ring on the finger and divorced him, which is a bit hard to swallow to be the actual reason of splitting up but we never know when we will be surprised by the real reason in future. So currently she is single and there has not been any rumor or any confirmation on her dating anyone she has been giving her time to her reporting career rather than looking for any man to settle down with. She does not have any kids or has adopted any. There has not been any rumor regarding her sexuality as she is straight. When she was young she was a very shy child hence, she never thought that she would be someone who would be speaking in front of crowd addressing issues which world will be witnessing. She says “I found it very easy to skate and perform in front of the crowd of people, but the thought of speaking in front of a crowd was terrifying.” Cut to the part, today she is on high demand, she is loved by the audience and is doing very fine in her career and she considers that she is overeducated for the position she is in life today.
Liberte Chan career
Doing in-depth research regarding her career and professional approaches Liberte Chan started her work as a writer from 2003 to 2005 and Los Angeles news for KTLA five news after in 2006 she joined KKFX as a general assignment reporter and worked there for two years from 2008 to 2010 she showcased her talent as a reporter and an anchor at KMIR 6 news. In 2010 she returned back to KTLA five.  She is a regular weather forecaster and reporter for KTLA channel. They are only less people who know about her nature and her true self she has revealed that she loves shopping she cannot resist some brands and cannot help but to spend some of her earnings getting dress and shoes that she loves another fact about this star is she is obsessed with fitness whenever she has extra day or time for herself she loves working out and do some exercise she’s very concerned regarding her physical as well as mental health. It is reported that she practices yoga as well. She loves going hiking and exploring new places. Another thing that we admire about her is that she is an animal lover she owns a Yellow Labrador dog named Shanti. She even celebrated birthdays of her dog. This shows how much she values her pet.  One of the less known facts about her is that when she was young she was a figure skater and she competed in national as well as international level in skating. Her interest in being a weather forecast was emerging when she was a teenager. She recalls that her mother has always supported her interest but however her mother gave her option to become a reporter or an anchor instead of doing the weather forecast. It may surprise people to know she is someone who enrolled herself in an online meteorology program and became a certified one. She is the living proof that when it comes to what you want from core inside, nothing can stop you. She has been able to exceed her own limitation being overeducated than she should. 
Liberte Chan height
Liberte Chan height looks very fine and very pretty with beautiful dark hair. Her body type suits her height perfectly. Liberte Chan height is 5‘5“. She has a very fair complexion and has shoulder-length hair. She waits for about 50 KG. She has beautiful dazzling brown eyes. She has a much-toned body. She is also popularly known as a unique dresser.
Liberte Chan Instagram
Liberte Chan is very active on her social media accounts and love interacting with the people. Her social media has her sharing news and updates that she works on. Her Twitter account has 25.7K followers and the same range can be seen on her Instagram account. She has tweeted 8,273 times to date and is following only 552 personas from her twitter account. She shares inspirational quotes and her workout routines on her twitter. She frequently interacts with her followers as well, answering their questions and queries. She started being active on Twitter from 2011. On the other hand Liberte Chan Instagram account has 26.1K followers and has share 2433 posts. Almost all of her Instagram posts are related to her working hours and her yoga. People might be surprised at what her body can do when she puts on the yoga attire. About her Facebook account, her official; the page has been signed up and has 72925 people who have liked the page and are following her. She likes to go live from her social media as well. She loves to reply back to her fans at times too. Earlier this year buzz was created in May when Chan’s outfit made some major controversies. It is about the time when she was doing a regular weather forecast in a live broadcast. She was wearing a black sleeveless outfit and after a few moments when she started reporting another anchor interrupted her and handed her a cardigan telling her to put it on and cover her up. when asked why did he do so he told Chan “we were getting a lot of emails “ Later on, it was said that he was a sexist and could not handle a woman/female reporter doing her job in a sleeveless outfit.  Later on, many people gave their reaction to this drama saying that Chan looked more like visiting a New Year’s party rather than being a professional reporter. Chan openheartedly supports and encourages people who wish to enter the media line and support anti-Asian racism. She is someone who motivates people to believe in themselves rather than being distracted or doubting on oneself with what other people says about them. There might be times when doors might slam on your face but you have to keep working and not quit and make that very door open.
Liberte Chan wardrobe malfunction
Liberte Chan wardrobe malfunction took attention for many this year. Lots of backlashes came and criticized KTLA for not supporting Chan and publicly shaming her.  After lots of sites started writing about this incident the anchor said that he was joking and kidding around rather than trying to shame her. Many people came to support Chan as well saying “her dress was fine. If I was her I would have walked off on air”. After the incident, Chan said that she had another dress option for the episode but she had to appear before the green screen so she had to be very careful regarding the color of her dress hence she had to pick a black dress which the anchor thought was revealing. The incident got, even more, eyes after some people started posting a screenshot of  2012 KTLA weather forecast anchor brought two models wearing lingerie for reporting help. The entire team has to go through negative comments after the incident where their favorite weathergirl has to be embarrassed without any proper reason. This incident became so viral that later #Sweatergate   was given the nickname of this incident. Many sites have written about this incident and Chan herself has spoken upon the topic as well saying what has been done has been done, it is better to let bygones be bygones. Rather than pulling each other, we should all move on from this. Chan is not someone who holds grudges against people; her mental health has definitely done its share part where she was strong enough to go something like that on live television. She is very expressive in nature.  Something same has happened to her in 2016 where she had green screen mishap, her light clothes went unrecognizable, she was wearing white J.McLaughlin dress with a coral pattern which leads her to show the weather map on her whole body, another anchor came to rescue and offered her his suit. After the show went off-air she gave huge thank to the anchor Burrous for helping her.