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Date of Birth/Birthday:
Net Worth $ 2 Million
Age: 37 Years old
Height/Tall 5 feet 8 inches
If you want to know about strong feminine powerhouse and some great athletic skills you are in right place. Jessie Graff is also known as “Tumbleweed”. She was born on 12th January 1984. Jessie Graff age is 33 today. Jesse has American nationality and she is white American by ethnicity. According to Jessie Graff bio, her birth name is Jessica Lauren Graff. She was raised by her single parents Ginny MacColl. Jessie Graff parents are Genie MacCall and Tom Graff.
Jessie Graff family
Talking about Jessie Graff family background her father was a drama teacher and her mother was a dancer and an actor. Her mother was in the original production of the Pippin where she was an actress. After her parents divorced she moved to Pennsylvania and then to Maryland after her mother remarried. Jessie Graff stepfather is Richard Ishler. She always wanted to become an actress and that has given most of the credit why she has a very successful athletic career. She has always practiced what her heart wanted and it seems like all her hard work and her dedication has paid off since she has trained herself from the age of six if you ask how she started taking circus classes back then.  Actually, she wanted to enroll herself in the circus at the age of 3 which was unsuccessful but soon enough she started living her passion and improved her skills. At age of nine she joined gymnastics, she continued doing gymnastics for six long years and she was also a member of the Federick gymnastic club. At the age of 12, she became a trapeze artist which is an act where performers are hung by ropes or metal straps and it is an aerial act which is very common in circus performances and is very risky and hard to perform. Young Jesse has always had a very brave heart, later in her school years she was a pole-vaulter and she graduated in 2002 from Urbana High School which is located in Maryland. During her high school days, she was a track team leader and also a member of National Honor Society. Discussing her education, she majored in aerospace engineering and theater at the University of Nebraska. In 2007 she graduated from the University of Nebraska. Regarding more of her athletic ventures, she has earned black belts in Taekwondo and Kung Fu.  Since very young age Jesse has always challenged herself as she always felt the only person she needs to complete is herself she tried to break her own record time and again and set her personal best record in 2004 in a 5000-meter run. Jessie is someone who tries her best to keep her personal life and professional life separate. She has also maintained her privacy in her social media accounts. Nothing much is known about her personal life and love life. Even though Jessie is a very successful and very positive person rumors regarding her dating life or boyfriend has never surfaced. there have not been any records on Jessie‘s past relationships. Somehow, she does post a picture with a man who people suspect of being her husband of a boyfriend but she has never confirmed it herself. It seems as if she is giving the most priority of her life to her work rather than thinking about settling down and getting married.
Jessie Graff net worth
According to some sources, Jessie Graff net worth is 2 million US dollars. Want to know what she does with her money? We all can assume that anyone who receives is such a good number of salary would have a huge mansion luxurious cars, very well off life but when it comes to Jessie there is something different. in an interview that she gave in 2016 she talked about her house which is located in California, her house is very different from normal houses as when she opens front gate of her house there is a GYM! There is all her equipment where her workouts are done; the walls are designed as wall climbing; overall her living room is like a gymnastics studio. Another interesting thing about her is that she has a pet pig which she adores and loves being around.
Jessie Graff height
When it comes to her physical appearance Jessie Graff height is 5‘8“.She looks very tough. She has beautiful brown eyes which match her blonde hair perfectly.  Her birth sign is Capricorn. She weighs more than 140 pounds. She has been featured in many magazines including Turkey Women’s health along with many others. in an interview with Paste She spoke regarding how grateful she feels to be able to become role model for people of seven years old to 70 years old and she feels very challenged that young women’s and girls look up to her. She says it is very scary, seeing in today’s world young girls and women are working out to look slimmer and skinny. Today people feel pressured to look how this society wants them to be like which is very depressing. She advocates for healthy and better you rather than having slimmer and so-called girly body. she looks up to her role models like Jackie Chan and even her mother herself but she feels rather than taking inspiration from her list of heroes it is more important for her to become her own hero.  She was also featured in Strong Fitness Magazine where she was asked if she enjoys risking her life and playing with danger to which she responded, she is more driven by doing something spectacular and something superheroic rather than danger. She has undergone a knee surgery post her exercise where she felt very fragile and constantly had to train herself not to quit. there so many things that we adore about Jessie Graff, her willpower, the positivity that she brings out, her dedication and hard commitment to wanting to work but one thing no one can deny is the fact that whenever she falls she never quits her brave soul tries and tries time and again breaks her own records. Currently, she recites in Los Angeles and she tries very hard to be a positive role model for young girls and women and inspire them to follow their heart as she did and she really likes it when people put their effort on things that they really want to just like she did. During her free time she coaches high school students and feels it is one of the most exciting works that she does, it is very hard for her to manage time for her students every day but she tries her best to get there once a week.
Jessie Graff movies
Jessie Graff life is not just related to athletics but actions as well since she started doing stunt work before she graduated she was involved in the stunt for big banner movies from 1997. She has appeared in many television shows and Jessie Graff movies include X-Men first class, make it or break it, night and day, John Carter and much more. Her stunt work includes tumbling, trampoline, many outdoor rooftops stunts. In interviews, she has stated that she gets the chance to learn about many new techniques and skills from all of her stunts and also learn from the entire stunt workers as well. Recently one of the most powerful and thrilling stunt work that she has given was in 2016 for series Supergirl. She has always dreamt of joining Olympics but unfortunately, at the end, she was left inches away from being qualified. during the initial stage of her career she really had to understand her body and what it could do, most actors; female actors were tall and skinny and the production crews would always seek for stunt women who are tall and skinny which was exactly hoe Jessie body was hence due to her demographic structure she was in high demand. For her works she has been nominated for many awards and recognitions, she was nominated For break out action star female, later she was also nominated for outstanding performance by a stunt ensemble in a motion picture as well. She is a very competitive individual and has appeared in many television shows like WipeOut where she gave her finest performance but she failed to make it to the Wipe Out zone which was in 2008. Later in 2013, she appeared in American Ninja Warrior, where she became the first woman to be qualified to compete in a city final scores for its 5th season. In 2015 she happened to appear at Stage One in Las Vegas where she got past the first few obstacles but unfortunately could not make it to the end. Later she became the first women in American ninja warrior history to make it up the news 14/2 foot wrapped wall and move to the city finals along with professional rock climbers in its eighth season. Furthermore, at the eighth season of Mt. Midoriyama Jesse became the first woman to ever complete Stage One. This girl is all about breaking and making new records.
Jessie Graff costume
After giving finest performances and be the owner of some new records, Jessie Graff famously came to know as a modern-day Wonder woman. She has also been awarded the Action Icon award for Stunt Woman of the Year. She has worked as a stunt double for celebrities like Molly queen, Sophie Turner, and Skyler Samuels. Gradually over the years, her body got more muscular and heavy which resulted in her facing some issues with the body double. Some hard times were seen in Jessie Graff costume fitting because actors were lighter and skinnier than her who at some point of time felt sinking feeling to her because she might lose some jobs because of her muscular body. But she did best for herself by building up her confidence and understanding the fact that becoming healthier and becoming who she is should mean more to her so, she stated even if she might lose some of her work just because of the way she looks, should not bother her. Many of her fans love her for who is she is and that is an athlete and she is excepting that fact wholeheartedly and is very grateful to her fandom. In an interview which was a taken inside her home, she revealed her true self and on the basis of that interview, we can say that she surely loves yogurt and she is a huge fan of blueberries and cranberries and also chicken. She also stated that she has a bit of sweet tooth and loves to eat more greens. Jessie has made her own superhero costumes, she made a costume for herself which looks like wonder woman outfit and performed in that costume. Another less know thing about her is that she has a Lego version of her American ninja warrior run where her pet pig has a cameo. Everyone’s jaw dropped when they saw Jessie Graff walking the red carpet at the Emmys awards 2016, she wore a beautiful red gown and looked elegant. While posing for pictures she gives high kicks on air, giving everyone the sign don’t mess with Jessie.
Jessie Graff Facebook
Putting the spotlight on her social media accounts Jessie Graff Instagram account has more than 310,000 followers she has almost 600 posts. Her post is usually about her training and working out, she posts videos with her students as well while training them.  Jessie Graff Facebook account has 4.9 ratings and more than 1000 people have given her reviews. Currently, her Facebook account has 376,616 followers.
Jessie Graff Fanclub
In Jessie Graff Twitter account, she has more than 38,500 followers and has tweeted 3893 times. She posts pictures of her fans and young kids looking up to her, she’s all about spreading good vibes and positivity with motivational quotes as well.  Jessie Graff Fanclub can be seen on her Facebook and Instagram accounts and have a very good number of followers and she acknowledges and notices their existence with love.