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Date of Birth/Birthday:
Net Worth $ 3 Million
Age: 55 Years old
Height/Tall 6 feet
If you are a regular viewer of CNN tonight, Don Lemon is not the name you will be hearing for the first time. Don Lemon full name is Don Carlton Lemon. Don Lemon is an American news anchor and a very popular and hard-working journalist. He was born on March 1, 1966, in Louisiana US. His birth sign is Acer. He was born to Kathrine Clark, during his childhood he was raised with great love from his mother and grandmother. He did not grow up alone, he feels grateful to share his childhood days with his siblings having two sisters. His sister’s names are Yma Lemon and Leisa Lemon. During 1976, his mother remarried and welcomed a stepfather in his life. Don Lemon age is 51 and is still able to grab the attention of many females. Don Lemon wiki sites have covered about his biography. For more information regarding him refer Don Lemon IMDb and Wikipedia. More about his attainments and his personal life have been discussed below.
Don Lemon education
Regarding Don Lemon education, he went to Baker high school, which was located in East Baton Rouge Parish. As it was destined to become a public figure and being involved in journalism, he got his major degree in broadcast journalism from Brooklyn College New York and graduated in 1996. He then attended Louisiana State University. While he was in college, he started working as a news assistant at WMYW, which is own by Fox television stations. When he was at his initial stage of his career Lemon used to report as a weekend anchor for WBRC in Alabama and WCAU in Philadelphia and at the same time after he graduated, he was also working as an anchor and investigative reporter for KTVI Saint, Louis. He has also worked as an anchor for today and NBC nightly news in 2003 he was working as reporter alongside local news for O&O station. FOX News considered him for a job placement as well and he was very happy about it but ultimately he decided not to leave CNN.
Don Lemon CNN days
Gathering experiences and skills it seems Don Lemon joined CNN in September 2006. Don Lemon CNN days are said to be one of his most challenging work experience In an interview with he said that when he joined CNN he was coined as “best ties on television”. After he started, wearing ties he saw more people around him started wearing ties. He is very creative and loves doing designs. He believes that if he were not doing anchoring he would have done something in interior designing.  He is very expressive in his work and has a strong voice. He has reflected his words and opinions on the ways that he thinks American communities can uplift themselves in the sector of journalism and has created some major controversies regarding the topic. He has been hosting CNN’s new yours eve specials since 2014. Another big news of Don Lemon is that he has covered the inauguration ceremony of US president Barack Obama. Overall, we can say this man has set his hands to some of the prolific platforms that the world has in the sector of journalism and broadcasting media. He is someone who has a very clear view of what he wants and what his audience wants to know about him. He came out and showed his true self to the entire world when he accepted that he is a gay. Because he has been through some major controversies, audiences demanded that Lemon should be fired from CNN as his behavior as journalism was not relevant in 2015 over 30,000 people signed a petition demanding him to be fired. Being such a person, he has won hearts of millions but he has also received some honorary awards including an Emmy awards for a special report on the Real Estate market in Chicago. His coverage on Hurricane Katrina got him another Emmy Awards in 2005 as well.  Likewise, in 2002 he received an Edward R. Morrow award for his contribution as a reporter to Washington D.C snipers. The Columbia Journalism Review has honored him as well with DART award in 2014. In 2009, Lemon was listed in the names of the 150 most influential African-Americans by Ebony Magazine. One side where he has many followers and supporters he has also faced some backlash.
Don Lemon interview
Recently in March 2017, Don Lemon interview which promptly turned into a debate between him and Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy escalated really quickly. The interview was all about the Russian collusion controversy where Chris tried to defend the president and attempted to ignore Lemons question. Discussion regarding President Donald Trump also made its way through the interview. Many people were impressed by the way Don Lemon handled him, showed his professionalism, and tried his best to get all of the answers from Chris Ruddy. This interview turned more like a debate when conversations started became becoming bit ruthless. Another notable thing regarding this bold man is, he has written an autobiography named Transparent. This book gave a clear view about Don Lemon; through this book, he has addressed his sexual orientation and revealed he is gay. Because he is so vocal and confident, he has become the role model for many gay people and he loves to support the mass as well. He’s book Transparent came out in 2011 where he set the record straight regarding his sexual orientation. in an interview he said that his career was uplifted after the book was out, he said in an interview with Joy Behar that many people were asking him why did he take that long to accept he is gay and he stated that when he was writing his memoir, he wanted to write about it. He has summarized about his childhood, his history, deaths of two fathers and his background. Furthermore, he has also talked about colorization in African community as well in his book, and when he went with the flow he felt writing about his sexual orientation came naturally. In an interview, he has stated that it took 4-6 months for him to finish the book. He is such a personality in the media feel that likes to address about subjects that are hidden and are not talked openly in the media. He definitely has faced negative comments from his followers. Don thinks that using social media has really made him connected with the audience. In his Twitter account, he has 580,000 followers and has followed 15.1K individuals and has tweeted 22.6K times. He started using Twitter since 2008 and is still very much active. In his Instagram account, he has 102K followers and is following 127 figures. He usually posts regarding his workstation and shares inspirational quotes at times as well. He loves traveling and exploring too, so we can sights on his travel spree as well. Regarding the topic, one Twitter user reached out to him asking about his sexual orientation and Don Lemon replied with a very positive answer and said he will be working more regarding Black issues and gay people. Lemon is not just someone who is very powerful vocally but he has also stated that he is very proud of who he is and wholeheartedly except himself. As it had been mentioned before that he is a very expressive personality. Doing it on air he has shared some of the most traumatizing experiences of his life, on September 10 when he was with members of Bishop Eddie Long‘s congregation he revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. A male neighbor physically abused him when he was just 8 years old. Recalling this very incident petrifying, until he turned 30, he could not share about this incident with anyone not even his own mother he stated that when he was 30 years old he collected the grit and told his mother what he has been through. 
Don Lemon married
Don always likes to keep his personal life very private. there’s very less information regarding Don‘s boyfriend or who he is dating currently. There are many times when interviewers have tried to get the answer from the Emmy awards winner but he has stated: “I don’t really talk about it (his love life) because I don’t think that’s anyone’s business.”  It is hard to tell if he is still in a relationship with his boyfriend from 2015 or not because no one really knows whom he is dating. Somehow, in an interview, he has pointed out that he has been with his partner since last 4 years. Recently, we can see a mystery man in his social media accounts, to be precise, in his Instagram account, where he is posing for a picture of this man. The duo has posted not just one but many pictures together so many are speculating that they might be a couple but the confirmation has not been out just yet. According to some sites, he has been dating choreographer John Byrne.  We all can hope we get some sight regarding the news of this couple. Regarding his relationship in the past, Don Lemon married life has not been started yet and he has not revealed anything about his love life but he considers himself to be marrying type.
Don Lemon net worth
We all have a gush regarding Don Lemon career heights and all the achievements he had, so it is pretty much obvious that he is someone who has been receiving a very good amount of salary and has very well net worth. Don Lemon net worth is estimated to be 3 million dollars as he has been working with CNN for more than ten years now so he has been getting lots of fame, he has been getting popular day by day and he has been building himself in professional ways, so we can also be sure that he loves treating himself well. Going deeper into his luxurious life, Don Lemon house, which he got in 2016 located at Ryam Street, the US that costs 3.1 million dollars and is set in a vintage architecture. This beautiful suite includes indoors and outdoor pools, parlor, library, office, pergola and back porch. In past, he had spent some good amount in condominium and apartments as well.
Don Lemon diet
Don Lemon works out as well with his personal trainer, he used to be skinny when he was a child and later he focused on being bulky. About Don Lemon diet, his trainer makes him eat 4-6 meals every day. 
Don Lemon height
Don Lemon height is 6 feet and his body type is very will be built. He has such a good poise and has a very gentle attitude. What is the most charming thing about Don Lemon is, his smile, which is considered very cute. He has short black hair and has oval face structure. He does not have any facial hair or moustache and prefers keeping his face clean. He has dark brown eye color and has black brown skin complexion. His dressing style is very mature and very professional at the same time. Having his favorite color gray, he prefers wearing gray during some major events. One thing that adds a cool look at his personality is his ear piercing, he wears a catching earpiece and looks very stylish yet professional. According to some sites, Don Lemon is a very straightforward person. He does not pretend to be someone he’s not and loves to have a straight way communication. He is never up for a non-sense interview and is very punctual regarding his schedules. Another fun thing about Don Lemon is he is he considers himself a big time foodie and loves seafoods more than anything. He is very much interested in writing, as we all know and also photography and swimming. He loves to hit the roads and go vacation with his family when the time is appropriate. Currently, he is residing in New York City.