Anna Faris Bio, Net worth, Movies and Husband

Date of Birth/Birthday:
Net Worth $ 20 Million
Age: 42 Years old
Married/Spouse Chris Pratt
Anna Faris is an American actress, producer, and comedian. She was born on November 29, 1976 in Baltimore Maryland. According to the Anna Faris bio, she spent most of her life in Edmonds, Washington where she attended Edmonds-Woodway High school. While studying, she also performed various plays including one with a Seattle repertory company. She earned a degree in English literature in 1995 from the University of Washington. Even though she loved acting, she never too it as a serious career choice in her life; she used to act just to make extra money.

After graduating from college, Anna Faris traveled to Los Angeles in pursuit of a career in acting and in the year 2000, she finally got the chance to star in her very first mainstream movie- Scary Movie. From living in a small studio apartment in LA back then, now after almost 20 years, Anna Faris net worth stands at $20 million. Scary Movie was a breakthrough in her acting career. Ranking atop in the box office charts and earning around 278 million US dollars worldwide, the movie was a commercial success. She gained worldwide recognition for her role as Cindy Campbell in the movie. After Scary movie, Anna continued her work in the field of comedy. A few comedy movies she starred in includes Smiley Face which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival; The House Bunny, which came out in 2008; Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel, which released in 2009; and Observe and Report (2009) where she co-starred alongside Seth Rogen. Anna Faris got heavily into the world of films. Some Anna Faris movies include Scary Movie 2, 3 and 4, Brokeback Mountain, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Mama’s Boy, Take Me Home Tonight, The Dictator, and many more. She also gave guest appearances in 5 episodes of the famous series Friends. Furthermore, she lent her voice as a voice actor in three sequels of Alvin and the Chipmunks, and two sequels of Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs.

Anna Faris has been married twice in her life time. In 1999 she had started dating actor Ben Indra shortly after they met on the set of Lovers Lane. They married in June 2004. However, their marriage only lasted 3 years after which they got a divorce. Currently, Anna Faris husband is Chris Pratt, the actor famous for his role as Starlord in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Faris met Pratt in the set of their movie Take Me Home Tonight where their characters were love interests. Interestingly enough, both Anna and Chris grew up in Washington State and lived only 20 minutes from each other but they never met. Another interesting thing is that both of them loved collecting dead bugs. They started dating shortly after their first meeting and got engaged in 2008 and then got married on July 9, 2009 in Bali, Indonesia. Three years later they had a son, Jack. Anna Faris son was born on August 2012. Jack was born premature and weighed just 3 pounds.

Anna Faris is very active in the social media sites Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She is so fond of the site that she once documented almost her entire day on Twitter! Her Twitter account is AnnaKFaris. Apart from Twitter, she is fairly active in Instagram under the account name annafaris. Lastly, her fans, admirers, and followers can get more information about her from Wikipedia.