Laura Ingle Bio, Actress, Net worth and Dating

Net Worth $ 45 Million
Married/Spouse Kenny Kramme
It’s quite amazing and interesting to see the celebrities life specially journalist lives. Some journalist are so frank and truthful that they will open up about every single thing that had happened in their lives and their information can be easily found on internet while some are so conscious about their profession and life they hardly open up their selves. Laura Ingle is one such person who has managed to keep herself low-key in the media world. She is known though as Laura Ingle Fox news. Laura Ingle bio is given below. The anchor and news reporter of worldwide hit channel fox news is often confused with Laura Ingalls wilder after having the common name.

Laura Ingle lives a secret life even though she is involved in the field of media. Laura who is of white ethnicity and born in Sacramento has even privatize her date of birth so it’s quite hard to guess her how old she is. It’s hard to find out when she began her career however it is said that she had reported the news of Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson classic trials in KFI radio Station, Los Angeles and had the working experience in KFBK which is also the local news channel of her homeland. In the date 2005 she first joined the FNC and began to call as Laura Ingle Fox News. While she was in FNC, she has got chance to cover many national and international news which also includes Boeing 345 SW Airlines Flight crash landing, Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Hurricane Katrina, and home invasion of Connecticut. She has also done several TV series and many people know Laura Ingle actress. Some series she has done are The Strategy Room, The O’Reilly Factor, Fox and Friends, Happening Now, and America’s Election HQ. Since there is no accurate information about her professional life and personal life, it’s very hard to say much about her.

Moving towards personal life, Laura Ingle is a married woman and had the most loving and romantic husband in the world. Their life together started with their wedding ceremony which was held on the date 2009, September 12. But before marriage, the couple was in a relationship and got engaged just before one year of the marriage. Laura was engaged with Kenny Kramme who is a professional drummer of New York in the most romantic place and city of love, Paris. In the recent interview about Laura Ingle dating, she stated that Kenny took her the Eiffel Tower and proposed her for the marriage well; it’s quite romantic isn’t it? The loving couple share one handsome son named Jackson Marshall Kramme and they have no more plans on getting other children for now. The couple is so much into each other that there is not even a rumors about them to fall apart or getting divorce which basically means they have strong tied up.

While talking about Laura Ingle looks and appearance, Laura Ingle legs is quite popular in the media. She is also known as the crossed legs lady on the screen due to her never tiring cross legs posture during her shows. She has the perfectly fine and beautiful long and toned legs and Laura Ingle pictures just prove it’s not wrong and worth to watch it. Laura Ingle net worth is estimated around 45 million US dollars. Well, this much all for the Laura Ingle Fox News lady, we will be back in late future if she has made her information available to public.