Lara Spencer divorce David Haffenreffer update 2017

Lara Spencer divorce David Haffenreffer update 2017
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Age: 51 Years old
No chance!! This is what is being heard while talking about divorce between Lara Spencer and David Haffenreffer. Tying a knot in 1st September 2000 in St. Andrew’s Dune Church, Lara Spencer and David Haffenreffer’s relation has been rock solid—not even a minor crack so far in their thirteen-year-old married relationship. Lara Spencer and David Haffenreffer marriage was featured by the TV show and magazine, “Martha Stewart Living” where the Lara’s favorite color—yellow was highlighted while broadcasting the show. It was a grand function where most of the celebs attended the nuptial ceremony.

The relationship between these media tycoons— Lara Spence and David Haffenreffer is thrived by their two children—daughter Katarine Paige Haffenreffer and son Duff Haffenreffer. They also have a pet named Dandy. While talking to media corps, Lara Spencer has revealed that she finds herself the happiest amid husband and children.

Taking about Lara Spencer biography— born on 19 June 1969, she is currently associated with ABC News. Lara Spencer made a head start in journalism career working with NBC news. Lara Spencer did not have a smooth childhood surrounded by financial crisis. However, her mother who was a struggling interior designer that time taught her how to use Second Hand Product to make the rooms looks ravishing. These skills came handy when she decorated her lavish Hollywood Hills house in California. Moreover, Lara Spencer has published her own book named: “I Brake for Yard Sales”, which provides the info how to décor the room by using used hand finds.

Lara Spencer’s lifetime achievements during media work can be related to TWA Flight 800 crash and Princess Diana death interviewing several celebrity form the film industry like Halle Berry, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney, Julia Roberts et al added important bricks to bejewel her career.

Likewise, talking about Lara Spencer’s husband—
Graduated from St. Lawrence University, David Haffenreffer, 45-year-old dapper started his career as a journalist for CNN where he anchored the show “Ahead of the Curve,” a morning television program. Lara Spencer’s hubby is still moving with his head held high, taking professional and family in tandem

The rumors of the Lara Spencer divorce journalist David Haffenreffer spread like a wild fire at times due to the cause and effect of yellow journalism. Even being on mid forties, Lara Spencer’s fans admire her amazing looking sexy legs and feet. She has denied the claims that she has even been done any plastic surgeries to enhance her beauty. In recognition to her beauty, she has been awarded with a beautiful nick name ‘Tangle Foot’ form the people from the Geroge Clooney.

David Haffenreffer divorce Lara Spencer or vice versa is unlikely to happen as nothing superficial has came out from them enjoying their family time and profession time simultaneously. What media dolts can do is envy their life style, and spread rumors, but a reality stays what it is. The fact is David Haffenreffer and Lara Spencer— the positive trend setting couple enjoying married life to the fullest.