Natalie Morales Matt Lauer Affair

Posted On: Feb 19, 2014
The affair between Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer is much talked topic. The affair between them is called as Baby daddy rumors. He was rumored to be the secret father of Morales’s child. Rumors affair with Natalie was started since the 2006 Winter Olympics. It was the time when Lauer and Morales was an item in Italy. In 2006, it was reported Matt had an affair with Natalie Morales when they covered the Olympics in Turin, Italy. He was caught up in an incredible shocking love child scandal. It was said that Matt had an affair with Natalie, and he’s the father of one of her kids.
On the other hand, Natalie and Matt both are married to their respective spouses. But the love child rumor or Baby day rumors remains alive and well. These rumors have become a problem for them in their respective relationship. Lauer is married to Annette Roque and Morales is married to Joe Rhodes. Both of them are facing divorce danger. Due to all these baby day rumors Annette Roque threatened him for the divorce. Matt has his own child by the biological relationship with Roque. In 2006, Matt was involved with Morales during the Today Show coverage of Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. This was the time when the affair rumors started. Same year in 2006, Lauer’s wife Annette was pregnant with their third child. Because of those rumors she filed divorce with him. Then after two years he was rumored the affair with Morales. It was announced that Morales was Morales was 12 weeks pregnant by husband Joe Rhodes. But there was a gossip that Matt could be the father of her new baby. Even Rhodes didn’t deny those rumors. Again after six years, in 2012 he was again facing allegations he fathered the second son of the morning show's news anchor, Natalie Morales. Because of this rumor Lauer’s wife strongly wanted divorce. He was also in relationship with Jessica Thorman in 1998 .before getting married to Annette. In 2010, there were reports that Matt cheated with two women while covering the Vancouver Olympics. This summer Matt was accused of being interested in Lucie Fink. However, he is much popular for the baby daddy rumor.
Now, Baby daddy rumors are troublesome for him because it is gossiped in the majority media. This is unclear stories and they don't want to get linked up much time with same issues. Currently Morales remain part of the Today Show team, and she is still married to banker husband, Joe Rhodes. She manages to cook dinner every night for him and their two sons, Josh Rhodes and Luke Rhodes. And Lauer is living with his wife Annette Roque. It is said that, Lauer just bough 40 acres of land in the Hamptons so he and his wife can extend their property into a horse farm. Different sources said that Lauer is trying to live happily with Annette for remaining life. There fans are looking for their good personal life and following them to know about their current status in Face book and Twitter.

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