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Posted On: Feb 17, 2014
 Jen Carfagno loves the Beach and with it comes Jen Carfagno’s love for her swimsuit. Jen Carfagno loves all kinds of beaches and she also loves to lay down and swim wearing her designer swimsuits. Jen Carfagno says that she has visited quite a few, but of her favorites are the beaches of Walton County Florida for their squeaky white sand, emerald green water, and coastal dune lakes where Jen Carfagno can show off her swimsuit and the Jersey Shore for the boardwalks and great wide beach where she can walk down the beach-lines adorning her lovely legs in her swimsuit.
Talking about Jen Carfagno’s personal life and her biography, the swimsuit loving Jen Carfagno is married to her husband Neil. Jen Carfagno has two child, Kelly and Natalie are the names of their beautiful daughters. There were even the rumors about her pregnancy in the recent news but later the sources confirmed it not to be true as she was gracefully seen partying around the annual beach festival where Jen Carfagno was portraying her beautiful body in a swimsuit and she seemed to love it. The couples love spending time together at the beach and most of all they try to do a lot of things in each other’s company. Jen Carfagno says she loves to hold hands of her family and go on long beach walk which makes it obvious that she will be wearing swimsuit. Thus, the pair is less likely to divorce in near future.
The swimsuit loving Jen Carfagno and her family are family are indeed living a blissful family life. The blonde and beautiful Jen is admired by her fans for her news reading skills and how she connects with her audience through Television screen and also her fans love the way she dresses even so even that there are paparazzi pictures of her holidaying wearing her swimsuit at the local beach. First, Jen Carfagno had thought of becoming a pilot but later she could not resist the fact that meteorology was what she actually had the fire for. She is a pretty face and her body shown off in a swimsuit is an unresistable one. She is confident and camera friendly and although paparazzi clicks her swimsuit body from a far she seems to be posing for the cameras wearing her swimsuit. Jen Carfagno stands tall at Five feet and five inches. Jen Carfagno wears clothes that bring out the best feature of her including her swimsuit, which she loves to wear whenever she is on a holiday. Her beautiful long legs look even better in her tiny little fitted skirts and the times she wears her swimsuit it is all the pictures can be worth looking for.
Jen Carfagno prefers to be outside enjoying the weather just hanging out with my family most probably the beach where she can wear her swimsuit. Jen Carfagno loves to go on walks to the park, go to the pool along with her swimsuit, and work in the yard. Jen Carfagno likes to take pictures and create digital scrapbooks and other picture projects.

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