Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion dating

Posted On: Feb 4, 2014
When the two hot people get around with each other and pretend like they are interested in love, people start to think “shouldn’t the couple start dating in real-life”. There are number of Hollywood celebs that look good with each other as a couple and share so much in common. In the same contrary there have been many rumors and arguments about Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion dating and the two stars being together.
Stana Katic was born in April 26, 1978 in Hamilton, Canada. She is an American film and television actress. She is renowned for her role of Detective Kate Beckett on ABC series Castle, whereas Nathan Fillion was born in Edmonton, Canada in March 27, 1971. He also works in the same series and is known as Richard Castle. Both stars have been working together in the same series and have been getting along with each other. They have started to date and they kind of seem to be attracted towards each other and have shown some love interests. Since both of them are from Canada and these two happen to work in the same series and are the most popular almost-couples on television, people say it would a slap in the face of the love gods if they don’t give at least a shot.
There’s also a rumor that Nathan has got married a few days ago. Nathan has been spotted with a wedding ring on his hand. It is said to be a secret wedding. wedding. But no information is available regarding the wedding, so it might not be true. Nathan has never revealed about his girls or ex girlfriends in past. He has been seen accompanied by girls in many awards ceremonies. Nathan and Stana, they both look great with each other and have a great chemistry. We can even get to see their on screen chemistry. It’s just amazing. Both of them are successful and loved by people, so it would be great if they get married.
Stana has currently been doing a movie in Europe. Meanwhile, Nathan is still in US and will go to Canada this weekend. People have also been saying that Nathan and Stana have been dating since October 2012. Through their social network’s profile it has been revealed that the two are dating in real life. Some fans of Stana asked her about the rumor and she did reply about it. So it’s been official that they are dating. She also told that they are dating but aren’t married yet. She has always dodged questions about their relation. Even in an interview she played coy when they questioned her about dating with Nathan. She likes to be mysterious and never gives a straight answer about it. She has also admitted that she is very much committed and loyal in relationships.
However they are and whatever they do we can’t do anything to wish them a happy life and do the good things. We just wish them a healthy relationship ahead.

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