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Posted On: Nov 27, 2013
The news about Beth Chapman— posing for a nude photo shoot for the Playboy magazine went viral, and as soon as the edition came out in the market— the pictures looked to be fabricated. The credibility of Beth Chapman nude pictures got challenged claiming it to be the fake composite photos. Even a naked eye could find the difference, and poorly done alterations were a good example of bad ‘photo-shopped’ pictures. Nobody even thought that she could do such things after getting married to bounty hunter Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman on May 20, 2006.

Shedding light on Beth Chapman biography, she is an American politician form Republican Party hailing from Alabama. Before Beth Chapman resigned in July 31, 2013, she served as the state’s 51st secretary of state from 2007. The news were rife when in May 2008, Beth Chapman was alleged of her consulting firm being paid nearly $50,000 annually by a private charity that receives funding from the state government. However, she denied the claims and stated that the charity’s funds paid to her firm came from fundraising, but not as stage grants. With issues like fund embezzlement, and nude photo shoots, she has been into the firing line, and also into the limelight. Also, she was slapped with an arrest warrant after she was caught forayed some teenagers during her family vacation.

There are no verified proofs of Beth Chapman releasing any nude photos. Beth Chapman is a busty lady with huge bosom, which are said to be her features. Beth Chapman breast size is size is reportedly to be 42D where Beth Chapman height is 5’7’. Beth Chapman measurements of 42-26-32 looked to be complementing her oversized boy. Beth Chapman weight is around 180 pounds. She has no marks of being engaged in a plastic surgery, which was being speculated, and talked in the media for some time. She is one of the star casts of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’—an American reality television series on A&E, which focuses on Beth Chapman husband Duane “Dog” Chapman’s adventure as a fugitive recovery agent, or bounty hunter. The show is all about capturing audience immediately by drawing viewers into the interacting of Chapman and his family/team, missing street smarts, romance, arguments, teamwork, adrenaline-laced arrests, philosophy of hope, and second chances.

Beth Chapman, being the 5th wife of Bounty Hunter ‘Dog” enjoys her time professionally, and personally with the hubby. The couple is found rampantly smooching in public functions, and holiday spots. One of the pictures published in a tabloid shows husband ‘Dog’ kissing Beth Chapman on her overexposed cleavage during a function. What ever, the picture looked sensual, and by any means cannot be tagged as Beth Chapman and Duane Chapman nude pictures. Beth Chapman and husband “Dog” together have four children namely Cecily Chapman, Bonnie Jo Chapman, Garry Chapman, and Dominic Chapman. Whatever are the cases with about Beth Chapman being nude, she is well defended with the justification, as the pictures published in the Playboy could not ever prove the verdict. Anyways, these gossips makes her reality show climb a notch higher in the television ratings.

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