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Posted On: Nov 27, 2013
On December 19, 1967, Weir was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. His birth name is William Francis Weir who is a former co-anchor of Nightline on ABC television network and a successful American Television Journalist. Before Nightline, he was a co-host of Good Morning America from 2004 to 2010. Currently, he is an anchor and Chief Innovation Correspondent of CNN.
In 1991, Weir started his career as a general assignment reporter and weekend sportscaster at KAAL in Austin. After Weir joined ABC News in 2004, he has traveled different corners of the planet to cover breaking news to uncover and report global trends such as reporting on the economic rise of China and India were signature features on Good Morning America. He is one of the Americas‘s top reporter. He also had World’s News to his reports from Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific as well. Bill had waded through the floodwaters of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He even dodged Taliban bullets in Afghanistan in 2010 and led the network's coverage of Iraq. He is not only dedicated to give genuine news but courageous enough to be in such situation to report. ABC News put out word that Nightline anchor Bill Weir was leaving ABC News for “another opportunity in the news business “people had different question in their mind. Without any delay, CNN made the announcement that it had in fact hired Weir as an anchor as well as Chief Innovation Correspondent. CNN seems to be acquiring all the good, intelligent reporters from ABC news. Weir has has something pretty much everyone else in the news business lacks and that is his sense of humor and he also has an interesting perspective on stories that everyone enjoy watching at GMA Weekends and Nightline. Domestically, Weir's reporting often focuses on innovative solutions to America's biggest problems, such as border security and new energy, health care and education reform. Once upon a time while Weir was interviewing Dr. David Agus. That included body scan that's not recommended for screening people with no symptoms of disease. Bill put himself through a series of tests to illustrate a story about how to prevent disease only to find out on camera in a story that aired Tuesday that one screening spotted heart disease he never knew he had. It was found that in Weir's arteries were so serious that the doctor who screened him worried that he is a candidate for a serious heart attack if he doesn't make changes in his life. Bill considered himself lucky.
Questions have been roaming around the media “Is Bill Weir married man?” and the answer is yes, he is married to the beautiful girl named Jacki and have one daughter. There is no information about bill Weir’s personal life. Maybe he don’t want to show his personal life to world. And this lets us know that he is very protective and secretive about his personal issues. According to the sources, Bill Weir is currently staying with his wife and daughter in Manhattan, New York. There is no information about Bill’s marriage, his wife’s history and his daughter.

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