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Posted On: Nov 11, 2013
David Muir is an acclaimed American Journalist and anchor who also won the Emmy Award has not out spoken about this personal life .In account to his personal relationship status, is still mysterious, due to his controlled professionalism. He also rejects to speak about his private stuffs in media. As a matter of fact, to retrieve more detail is limited. However, speculations can be done either Muir is married and has wife but wants to avoid media attention. There are some rumors that he might be gay but he did not react on such gossips. This also raises the question on his deep down personal relationship and life too. As known facts, Muir was born in 8 November, 1973 at Syracuse, New York City. At 17 years old he completed his high school education from Junior-Senior High School and in 1995 he went to Ithaca College from where he completed his graduation in journalism. After that, he did intern at local CBS affiliated television station. He also manages to get opportunity to study political journalism at University of Salamanca in Spain under American funding.
Muir began his career as an anchor and reporter at WTVH television in Syracuse for five years. At that time also he reports from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel, and also from the Gaza Strip as following 1995, slays of Yitzhak the Prime Minister of Israel. This reports put him in top honors from the different sections. On moving forwards, he worked in WCVB television in Boston based in Massachusetts. At that time, time, his unique style of delivering news, content and repots was honored with prestigious Awards and it let him grew as a fabulous media personality in broadcasting media.
Currently, Muir is in ABC news as a weekend anchor for the ABC News broadcast "World News" and co-anchor of the ABC newsmagazine "20/20." Muir joined ABC News as anchor of the overnight news program World News Now. From different time Muir reported from different regions while working with ABC. Some reporting’s praised around are the reporting of the Israeli-Lebanon border and Gaza strip about war with Hezbollah, while earth quake of Peru in 2008, about nuclear Mishap of Ukraine after 20 years, Earthquake of Haiti and its effects as social chaos, He also reports the Hurricane Katrina was major in 2005.He also made the investigative report on oil spilling at Gulf of Mexico, Moreover, he focus on different issues like economic ,he interview presidential candidate Mitt Romney at 2012 on taxation policy and downturn of American economy. For his series “Made in America” he was nominated for Emmy Award. Muir also report on the crisis of Egypt and its revolution, Japan’s Tsunami and nuclear plant accident and he is still reporting several reminding reports around the globe.
In contrast to Muir`s unvoiced personal life his professional life is well known to general public. He also has lots of fan following in social media like Facebook and twitter and David Muir is still proving as a fantablous image in world of broadcasting.

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