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Posted On: Oct 29, 2013
Untill, a specialist in particular field is not born, the required reforms and changes can't be achieved. the similar reforms made by some person leaves an impression in the corners of millions of heart. Lisa LaFlamme - a Canadian TV Journalist, is indeed not a new name in anchoring world. She is well known face in television world, the embodiment of successful media personality. By present, she is serving as Managing editor and Head anchor of CTV National News, taking over the position of Llyod Robertson since 2011. Prior to which Lisa showed considerable talent as the international affairs correspondent and substitute for the same channel. Almost mirculously, with her dediction and hard work, she'd reached the apex of her career.
LaFlamme was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada to David and his wife Kathleen LaFlamme on 25th July 1964. For her early education, she attended St. Mary's High School. Later she achieved her university degree from University of Ottawa.During her student life she was an active person. late 80's saw expotential growth of multichannel universe. This was the period when she started her career as a copywriter and scriptwriter at CTV's Kitchener affiliate CKCO. Her remarkable roles include serving as the co-host on Canada AM from 2001 to 2003, as a parliamentry reporter, and on CTV NEWSNET now CTV News Channel.
LaFlamme was employed as a foreign correspondent and back-up anchor to Lloyd Robertson. For last decade, she has been on the road covering everything from wars and elections, to naturl disasters, from some of the world's dangerous locations. Since 9/11 attacks, she has succeded to cover every dimension of its aftermath - from New York to Afganistan, Iraq to Guantanamo Bay. She Bay. She was on the ground to cover the imediate after effets of 9/11 attacks on world trade centre. Since then she has been in travelling Iraq several times covering each and every moment of the American invasion, elections, the Saddam Hussain trial and the regions's ongoing civil unrest. Over the years, she has reported extensively on the Canadian mission in Afganistan as well as the humanitarian crisis facing the Afgan people.
During her career she has interviewed massively popular persons like former prime minsters Paul Martin, Jean Chretien and Brian Mulroney, as well as current prime minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen Harper, British royals such as prince Andrew, during London Olympics and music legend sir Paul McCartney. She has won five nominitions in the best News Anchor category and several RTDNA awards, as a Galaxi Award in 1999 from the canadian Cable Television Association. No doubt, she is a successful anchor.
Five feet and four inches tall LaFlamme seems charming and confident. This has given her a absolute personality of an anchor. She is very conscious about her health. She has maintained her bodily shape even in her late fourties. She does't look frustrated abour the fact that she is still single. She is the leading idol of countless single and independent women. Her monthly remuneration is estimated to $ 300,00 to $ 350,000. Obviously, she is married without a man but with news and media in hall of the fame. She has break the myth that woman can't make it to the top without the support of a man. She is regular on her social pages. Her well wishers can follow her there and remain close with her. Anyways she rocks.

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