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Posted On: Oct 25, 2013
sandy rios is a television show contributor, a radio show host, an independent columnist, and a conservative politician – undoubtedly, a popular face in American media – she is Sandy Rios.
Holding a vast range of experience, formerly – President of Concerned Women For America; Chairman of the North Korea Freedom Coalition; and President of culture campaign – at 64, she still looks half age she is, with her multiple plastic surgeries.
Contributor in Fox News channel since 2005, Rios has regularly appeared in the channel bringing her perspectives in wide array of issues, whether be it advocating religious beliefs, defending America’s war on terror, or claiming gay people as dangerous to society, she has never been shy from making bold statements, even if it brings controversy along, which most of the time has been the case.

Lately, the AFR radio host is in thick course of action following her sequence of egregious claims about gay men. In her radio show “Sandy Rios in the morning”, she claimed that “there are epidemic levels of sexual abuse in male gay community”. To put light into things, the AFR radio is known for its ties with “American Family Association” a certified anti-gay hate group.
Without any real proofs and evidences, Rios emotionally and irrationally claims that all gay men are “rave-going, drug-taking, sexually-promiscuous heathens” and disease to human society.
She'd also like us all to forget about those LGBT couples in decades-long relationships, those raising children, and those with strong ties to their own LGBT-friendly churches and communities as she uses her interpretation of Christianity to decide that LGBT people shouldn't be able to enter a legal marriage contract.
Ironically, Rios, who herself is divorced multiple times, employs the reference of the divorce rates – the percentage of same-sex couples who end their legal relationship is 1.1% per year, while 2% of married different-sex couples divorce annually – which are nothing but some raw factual numbers lacking in depth study.
Rios, who has evoked her anti-homosexual sentiments in numerous occasion, earlier this year suggested former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “might be lesbian” after her announcement supporting same-sex marriage. Last year, Rios also criticized America’s support of television show host Ellen DeGeneres might bring negative impact in society leading “moral chaos” and complete “eradication of the traditional family”, as she ignorantly believes homo-sexuality is unnatural.
Also the vice-president of a conservative political party, party, Family-Pac Federal, she argues the organization to be “a national conservative political action committee which focuses on both economic and social issues and works to support such candidates as Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn and Michele Bachmann.”
Apparently, reports suggest complete different story from what she argues; the group has spend no money but it claims to be one of the leading pro-family political action committee supporting candidates for the US senate and US congress.
Earlier this month, at conservative Values Voters Summit, hosted by the certified anti-gay hate group Family Research Council, Sandy Rios made a shocking claim that the story of the 1998 anti-gay hate-crime murder of Matthew Shepard “wasn’t true,” and is “a total fraud,” and a “fairy tale” used as “propaganda” by LGBT activists.
Fifteen years ago, Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered in Wyoming. The then 21-year old college student was kidnapped by two men, then beaten until coma, and left for dead with injuries, and died six days later, having never regained consciousness. The evidence suggested that the attack had been motivated by extreme hate against gay men.
Fifteen years later, today, the case has been looked through various lenses with extensive research and investigation by few investigative journalists and government detective agencies, but it had to be anti-gay conservative Sandy Rios, yet again with baseless comments and false assumptions making a lowlife comment as such.
With LGBT activist slowly winning in both legal courts as well as public’s opinions towards homosexuality in America, Sandy along with her conservative pals has something more to say. According to her, god will punish those LGBT activists for breaking all kinds of moral laws and mocking everyone in the process.
Sandy Rios thinks that – God loves her and will punish her enemy – which is not just an absurd statement, but also insane and beyond the logical boundaries we humans are bound with.
If we believe in God, we must believe that God created us equal. In god’s eye, there is no partiality, no discrimination. And god certainly doesn’t want to be involved in superficial things as passing discriminatory laws not god has enemy.

Despite all the differences we have, a common feature of all major religion is the belief in universal god or supreme divine force that is omnipotent and omnipresent and that who loves every part of its creation.

So, which god Sandy referring to? Or which god she worships?

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