lara spencer getting divorced

Posted On: Oct 24, 2013
 A year after rumored plastic surgery by Lara Spencer, here’s a recent internet buzz about her marital life : she is breaking up with her husband David Haffenreffer. However, the alleged divorce cannot be trusted given the lack of its credible sources; hitherto, the speculation has only been featured in tabloid columns and some unheard-of websites. Moreover, it is quite unconvincing that a happily married couple for 14 years would abruptly split out of a blue without previous signs of argument or disappointment.
The ravishing Good Morning America co-host wedded Haffenreffer, formal journalist of the financial subsidiary of the CNN, in September 2000 . The marriage of this perfect couple was even featured in Weddings – a celebrated matrimonial magazine. Furthermore, in her recent interview with Good Housekeeping, a women’s magazine, Spencer responded to the queries about how she described herself as a wife by saying – ‘ I want to say “hot, sexy kitten,” but in reality it’s “ funny best friend”. All we do is laugh together ’ ; it is not hard to notice that she did not, even subtly, mention anything that would make the reader imply she was unhappy with her partner. Their marriage has bore two kids with whom the couple lives in Los Angeles since 2008.
This is the second instance Lara Spencer became victim of unverified internet rumors. Previously, her renewed appearance was credited to the body overhaul : silica implants, nosejob and Botox injections. This guesswork probably came after the 45-year-old’s bikini snapshots, which had circulated online, online, gave a surprisingly young look for her age(then 44). Nonetheless, she denied the claims of plastic surgery attributing the stunning figure to her healthy lifestyle. The fact that she was aging gracefully and not resorting to any medical means to defy age was, later, affirmed by visible folds and lines on her face that wouldn’t be there if she had had the Botox lift.
Showbiz news draw the maximum web traffic, as well as unique users, than any other topic. Be it a scandal, a breakup, “busted naked” photographs or a wardrobe malfunction of any celebrity, the views, likes/dislikes and comments in social networks surge exponentially over just a few days . A humanitarian program for a war-afflicted region in Africa featured in the Youtube would get as less as one tenth of the views received by the video of birthday party orgy of a popular star. Therefore, it isn’t difficult for these webmasters and bloggers to gossip the netizens into viewing their webpage abound with the stories, true or untrue, on the lives of media and entertainment icons.
But, creater of these fake or unconfirmed stories are not to blame; rather, it’s internet users who are too lazy to use their discerning faculty. They are ready to like and share lurid accounts without knowing in the first place if they contain a scrap of truth. Now it’s high time that the users stop giving undue attention to such goofy news and tittle-tattles . I would like to end by reiterating the fact, not a rumor, mind it, that Spencer and Haffenreffer have been happily married for fourteen great number of years.

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