Biography of Chris Jansing

Posted On: Sep 21, 2013
 An elegant lady with stunning legs and height of 5.6ft, Chris Jansing also called Christine Ann Kapostasy was born in January30, 1957 at Fairport Harbor, Ohio in the family of Joseph and Tilly Kapostasy in900 square ft home.
Her journey towards journalism began when she opted to work for college radio in Ohio. She completed her graduation from Ohio in 1978 majoring in broadcast journalism. She was then able to get job in radio at a little station in Ticonderoga called WIPS where she was paid $90- a – week salary with the $20 gas allowance. She recalls the then life as living in a rented uninsulated home where she had to struggle to fulfill her hunger. Later she joined WNYT-TV in Albany where she continued to work for 17 long years where she served as a general assignment and anchor reporter. In 1982, she tied a knot with Robert Jansing. Robert Jansing – her husband is a chemist who served as an analytical chemistry lab. supervisor for State Department Health. Their marriage could not work out and it officially ended with divorce.
In 1988, she made her transition to NBC News where she has enhanced her expertise as an anchor and reporter. She also serves as substitute anchor for The Today Show and Sunday Version of NBC Nightly News. She shortly shifted to Los Angeles for over two years in 2008 before she moved permanently to Newyork to Newyork to anchor for MSNBC and Weekend Today. These days, she anchors the 10am hour on MSNBC weekdays on Jansing and Co. with Richard Luii.
Recognizing her contribution towards the media, she was honored with Emmy Award for her coverage of 1996 Olympic Park Bombing at the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Her report on hunger in Newyork State gifted her with “Best Person Award” from Newyork State Broadcasters Association. She is known best for her extensively covered several presidential campaigns and hosting a series of primetime reports called “Battleground America”. Her some major works include covering the news of terrorist attacks of 9/11,Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, shooting tragedies in Tucson, Arizona and Aurora, Colorado, nuclear crisis in Japan , Olympic Games in Torino, royal wedding in 2011 and beatification of Pope John Paul II.
The dedication of Chris towards her work is proven by her daily schedule. She gets up early in 4am and performs research as to what to ask to the guest in the interview despite the fact that her show won’t start till 10am. She believes proper question should be asked if anybody expects to get proper answer. Her blog was published nearly 2 yrs ago in which she has mentioned about her personal and professional life. She enjoys cooking and baking for friends and families during her leisure time. To know more about Chris, please visit the URL tv.msnbc/com/shows/jansing-co.

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