Zoraida Sambolin

Posted On: Sep 12, 2013
Zoraida Sambolin comes from a Christian ethnicity. She was born in the United States of American and hence, holds American nationality. She is a beautiful woman who is loved on screen. There are many fans who love to watch her shows. Viewers wait for her to appear on television and run the show. The beautiful woman does not have a stable married life though. She was married but could not be with her husband for very long. She went through divorce with her first husband. She shares two children with her ex-husband. After her unsuccessful first marriage, she dated the famous Kenny Williams. Kenny is the executive vice president of a baseball team and is also a celebrity personality. Zoraida and Kenny are very serious of their relationship and it was revealed that they got engaged. They were engaged in 2013 on Christmas Eve. i.e. on the evening of 24th December 2013. Rumors also say that this couple is married but there are no proofs with the media that they are indeed married to each other.
Zoraida is a well known face on television. She is known for the charming attitude she presents and the depth of knowledge she has in the related field. She is a pretty woman, who is always very professional on camera. She makes sure she looks beautiful and elegant. To make sure about her appearances, she wears tight skirts that make her look fabulous and shows off her legs and feet. She is very friendly and looks charming on the television. For these many reasons, there are many fans that follow her and love her. There are many pictures of Zoraida that are available in various websites and can be obtained from her biography pages as well. If her fans wish to follow her on facebook or in other social networking sites such as twitter, they sure can do that.
Zoraida was born in July 10 in the year 1965. After her birth she was named Zoraida Senoba Sambolin. This American woman is a famous news anchor who at the present works for the world known and famous news network CNN. CNN. She co-anchors the morning show called Early Start at CNN. Her co-anchor who runs the show with her is John Berman. Zoraida is full of talents. One of her talents is that she is bilingual. Along with English, she can speak Latin and Spanish fluently.
At the beginning of her career, she was associated with other news networks. She was the director of broadcasting at the beginning of her television career, when she worked at Chicago City College. Then she engaged herself in shows such as Small Talk for Parents. She was the producer as well as the host of the show that was run by the WYCC-TV network. She has also worked for Nuestros Ninos telecasted by WSNS-TV. She has done a marvelous job in this show. She was awarded with an Emmy award for hosting the show. She worked for these shows for three years from 1999 to the year 2002. She joined NBC5 network as a reporter for Telemudo in the year 2001. At the same time, she was the producer as well as the anchor of Nustra Familia which was a Latin show. The show was targeted to the families living in Chicago which talked mostly about a healthy family relation. This show was famous among Latino families in Chicago.
Zoriada run a Spanish show for worldwide cable network as an anchor. The show was called ‘Un Beun doctor’ and was about medicine. The target audience were medical experts and doctors, the show ran for half an hour every week. The program would also tell stories about people who suffered from problems such as diabetes and high-cholestrol and were yet living their life very comfortably with the disease. The families held Latin nationality. In September of 2008, she hosted a Hispanic Quiz show. It was the first Hispanic Quiz show in the country which became very famous among Hispanic students. The show tested the ability, skills and knowledge. The participants were Hispanic students from eight universities and colleges. She has also anchored a Spanish DVD that talks about autism and its symptoms. Apart from her work, she engages herself in such activities.

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